Human and natural forms dominate my view of sculpture, and how we stand speak and listen shows how we relate to a wider sculptural world

As we observe and touch these forms we are encouraged to think as a sculptor, communicating with chisel and mallet or by word and pitch

We all need a platform to speak from that relates to human and natural forms

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Awareness of Womanhood

My wife Joyce and inspiration 1928-2009

Exhibition 2004 in studio

Press photograph

From the Coventry Evening Telegraph: Cyril Banks on Success

"THE WORK of a Warwick sculptor is on show at the Warwickshire Museum in Market Place, Warwick, from Saturday.

About 25 sculptures by Cyril Ginn, a retired bank worker, will be on display, marking 60 years of his work.

He said: "It's like a diary. Now I'm 77 and I'm up to date."

He works with oak, alabaster, walnut and elm.

It started when Cyril was 10. His father was a woodcarver and encouraged him to observe shape and form wherever they went. Cyril attended Central School of Art in Birmingham once a week after work."

Studio 1981-date

Warwick Studio

Self built studio 1960-74

Me in my self built studio now destroyed